Rozy, a slimline wallet

One of the particular requirements of this Rozy wallet is the closure. You will need a special clasp.

So, you ask, where can you resource those?
I found some stores and when I find more, I will mention them here.
They all ship internationally.


In the US you van buy it in the shop from Cari, The Wooden Seamstress.At the moment she sold everything, but I’m sure she will have new supplies.

Vickey from So you need hardware has a special selection in her bigcartelshop :

Another source in the US: MeiMei supplies:

In Canada, Karen from Bring Berry is carrying the Flip lock Bar Clasps:

In Europe you are able to buy them in the shop from (The Netherlands).

In Australia you can find them at Sew creative supplies.

3DANsupplies in HongKong has them in stock. In 4 colours!

Another shop on Etsy (ships from China) is Life2creation

On Ebay I found this:

Screenshot 2017-03-16 14.17.52

The factoryguy in China has them as well:

On aliExpress you can find them per 10:

You realy like this wallet and want to make more? This is the link to buy 20 😉

Some links on Ebay:




18 thoughts on “Rozy, a slimline wallet

  1. I love your bag, but, I found the cards confusing when you lined them A to,,,,,from bottom to top. I originally glued them top to bottom starting with A. Then, I had to pull them apart. I saw you said top and bottom and then I figured it out. Ideally the A should be on the top in my estimation. For what it is worth.
    Also, the 4.5 inches could use just a bit more space to fit in the metal clasp. The folds tend to make it difficult. Just another 1/4 inch or so would make it easier…Nice instructions with the zipper, etc.

    1. Hi Shirley,
      Thanks for reaching out.
      to you it was not clear when I mention tape this bottom to top of A1 and this top to bottom of A2?
      When I hear you, I should just reverse the numbers, but for the rest you had no problem?

      When you are mentioning the 4½”, for what part is that? the cardpockets are only 4⅛”. It’s just the slip pocket that is 4½”.
      I try to make my pattern the best pattern you can find, but I’m a bit confused as to what part you like me mend.

      We have altered the cardpockets from 4½” to 4⅛ so now few of the fold are included in the clasp and the clasp is fuller. My tester had to put extra stip of fabric in it to make it even and that can not be the intention.

      1. I love your pattern. I have had problems with another designer’s fabric fitting in the metal closure, so I am being careful.I have no problem now that I read top and bottom. It just made sense to me originally to start with A1 at the top and proceed downward A2, etc., but now I have no problem. Thanks for the card slots that are easy once you get it OK….Not confusing now….

  2. I am trying to get my supplies together to make the Rozy. I went to Amazon to buy Vilene Decovil 1 light. It looks like the price is approximately $24 for 1 yard. Is this a correct price?

    1. 24$ is unfortunately the price you need to pay in the States.
      You can use Pellon 808 or 809 or craftfuse instead. It will not be the same but good enough without breaking the bank.

  3. I am gathering everything I need to make a Rozy wallet. I have the metal closure, have watched the video and have read the instructions. It says to glue the closure. What kind of glue is recommended?

  4. HI Anne,
    Do you have any suggestions for getting the ends into the closures? I’ve zig-zagged the ends, I’ve opened them up again and tried to trim out some of the bulk inside, and I still can’t get the card slot end into the closure any more than half-way. Do you need to have it go all the way to the top of the closure? Also, how far back from the opening should you cut the hole out for the clasp? If I can get the screws to “bite” enough, is it ok if the fabric in the hole only goes half-way up (before being cut)?
    I love this wallet and want to make lots of them, but am just having terrible difficulties with the getting the closures on.
    Thanks so much for your help!

    1. I have had a similar problem whenI use too much stabilizer inthe end. I have made sure to not have so much where I zig zag and it works much better. shirley Schenmeyer

      1. In my pattern, i do not use stabilizer. So that will be the problem. Anything thicker then craftfuse, decovil light, pellon 809 is too thick

  5. Hi Anne, I just purchased the Rozy pattern via Craftsy and I am a little confused, from the video here, it has am option to add an ID pocket using vinyl. I do not see that in the pattern. Did I miss something? Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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