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This little bitty bag was inspired by my scrap basket.

When you make bags, you always want to throw some extra with it to make it stand out from the crowd. So zipper bling is one of them. But what if you can make your own zipperbling?

This key fob is a very quick sew en so an excellent stocking stuffer. Make one for every female friend and one for every bag you make in the same colours. It uses such a tiny amount of fabric that you will be able to use even the tiniest amount of scrap.

This tutorial is a combination of things I have found on Pinterest. I then compiled them into a fun and easy pattern.

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  • some filling for toys/cuchions
  • 1 little scrap of cotton fabric
  • keyfob hardware 1″ (but instructions for the 1 1/4″ are included)

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  1. Hilary Neumann

    Love this Pattern! Mad a bunch for a local bazaar, and they went fast! Even made a few patchwork ones! Great directions, fun and fast sew – by hand or machine!

  2. Anne Verberckmoes

    Please post some of them in the serialbagmakers group. I need more pics for the gallery!

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