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  • Rozy

    Rozy is a slim line wallet with a sophisticated metal clasp* that gives her a very high-end feel. The wallet features 3 wide slip pockets, a zippered pocket, 10 card slots and 2 vinyl pockets. If you’re familiar with my patterns, you know nothing has been left to chance. Detailed diagrams, lots of bonus tips, everything you need to be a successful bag maker. I can’t wait to see YOUR wallets! Be sure to post pictures on Instagram and Facebook for all the world to see!
  • Ally

    Ally is a city/commuter tote with ample room for everything you need during your day in the city. With all the pockets on the inside and outside, she can double as a nappy bag. And learn how to make a new style of pocket that will fit all your essentials!
  • Izzy

    Izzy is the slimline wallet you were waiting for.  Packed with 12 cardslots, 3 full width slip pockets and a zippered coinpocket. Big enough for a phone with case. And the most important thing? You only need 3 fat quarters of Quilting Cotton, minimal interfacing and just 1 magnetic snap. Due to the method of constructing this wallet, anything thicker than quilting weight is not suitable as material. Cork and pleather will not turn out great. You insist on making a wallet in Cork or pleather? Try the Rozy and Roxy wallet! Kits to make this wallet are available in the store.
  • Youtiful is a slimline backpack that – by changing the straps – can easily be used as a backpack, crossbody, or shoulder bag. The pattern can be sewn using a wide variety of fabric/material choices such as cotton, upholstery fabric, decorator fabric, canvas (waxed or unwaxed), cork, thin leather, or denim. All bags pictured are sewn on domestic machines.
  • Lisa

    Lisa is a smart little shoulder bag that - with a different strap - can easily be turned in a handbag or underarm bag. It uses a metal frame closure (7 1/2"-19cm) and can be made with the material you want. Cotton, upholstery, canvas, cork, thinner leather (less than 2 oz). All the bags were made on domestic machines. No industrial machine was used to make this bag.
  • The Anna

    I designed this women’s messenger bag especially for a list of needs I had that just weren’t found in other patterns. I needed a bag that was easy to carry and would hold everything I need when I ride my bike. A simple handbag would not do. I decided a crossbody was my first requirement, next a special padded compartment for IPad, a pocket to store my headphones and enough room to carry other essentials we all have to bring with us as we head out. I love pockets so it definitely needed to have lots and lots of pockets. I think when you create your own version of this bag you will love the way the lining is installed. I use a unique method of installing the lining. This is NOT a drop in lining bag pattern!
  • Roxy AND Rozy

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    You want to make both Rozy and Roxy? Then this is your chance to get the patterns with a discount. Rozy is a slimline wallet with a sophisticated metal clasp* that gives her a very high-end feel. The wallet features 3 wide slip pockets, a zippered pocket, and 10 card slots and 2 ID pocket inserts.
  • Meet Roxy. This is Rozy's clever, grown up sister. Roxy is an accordion style wallet that can easily be turned into a clutch. The sophisticated metal clasp* gives her a very high-end feel. You decide the look and feel you want! Cork, vinyl, micro suede, upholstery weight fabric – it’s your call! In the end, you’re going to have a wallet that you’ll be proud to sell but secretly wish to keep for yourself. The wallet features 3 wide slip pockets, 2 small slip pockets, a zippered coin pocket and 12 card slots. She has ample room for your smartphone. Once you have her cut out and fused, you’ll find she goes together quickly. She is meant for a confident beginner with a CAN DO attitude – that sounds like YOU!
  • Jody


    I’m so pleased you’re making Jody part of your bag pattern family!

    She’s sassy, and sleek and so versatile! She reminds me of YOU! You’ll love the small (but not TOO small size) of this lovely bag, ready for a night in the town or a picnic in the park. You decide! And if you’re in the gift-giving mode, who would not love this adorable, functional bag?

    Let you’re creative juices flow when choosing the fabric (cotton weight, vinyl even leather) and the hardware. Want to keep it simple, omit the super sleek “Rocket Pocket” and/or inside zip. So many options to make this bag as unique as YOU!

    Is the pattern hard to construct? One of my testers had this to say “…your instructions are so very detailed. I started sewing in May of 2016, by July of the same year I was very interested in handbags. You have no idea how much I struggled with bag patterns; none of them made any sense to me. I wish I had instructions like this when I first started. Thank you!”

  • This Memories N More Tote is the ideal scrap buster.  And keeper of memories. The bottom is large and flat enough for you to embroider a custom message on it. This tote can be made with a minimum in hardware. We only use rivets to attach the handles. INCLUDED IN THIS PATTERN:
    • Very clear and detailed instructions with lots of diagrams.
    • A cutting lists for everything with dimensions on it. (Both in imperial as in metric).
    • Drafted pattern pieces for everything with dimensions on it.
    • A link to a video where you can follow me creating this bag.
  • Charlie Holster Bag is the hands-free option you have been waiting for! Replacing the fanny pack, this is a holster bag that can be used as a cross-body bag or holster style with an optional thigh strap to keep it snug against you. Use your favorite materials to design your own – the pattern is designed for quilting cotton, so no fancy machines are required! Dress it up with some embroidery on the pocket flap, or piece it together with some cork and a focus print. Once done, you'll wear this bag everywhere! Shopping, the park with the kids, concerts, craft fairs...
  • Lipstick. Check. Cell phone. Check. Ready for a night on the town or fun shopping spree? Yes! But what you are NOT ready for is some culprit just waiting to steal your valued possessions from your easy to reach hand bag. Introducing Pyck-Me-Not! This gorgeous tear drop shaped bag is just the ticket when you need mobility but still desire a chic bag to complement your attire. Whether it’s a night out to the theatre, a trek across town on the subway or a shopping adventure, with Pyck-Me-Not, your bag is safe and secure and so are your possessions.  
  • Ruby


    Where do you keep your business cards? In a special holder? Or somewhere in your wallet or purse?

    If you want to give someone a giftcard, do you buy a custom envelop in the store or do you just hand over the giftcard? With this Ruby you are set for both. Make it in stylish plain color for men or use your pretty scraps if the little pouch will be for a woman or girl. Whatever you do: use up the scraps laying around in your scrap basket.

  • Chaps


    For a lot of people a chapstick is the most important possession (besides the money in the wallet) This little baggie can hold 1 chapstick. You can add it to a keyring with your keys or add a swivel clip in your bag and attach it there so you don't have to look for it deep inside. Do you happen to have small swivel clips, then you can switch the D-ring for a swivel clip.

  • 2 patterns for 1 price. The pouch is made with French seams and is a very quick sew. Ideal for all those parties you need to attend. Make one to go with every dress for all Church activities.  The pouch clips close with a metal closure and by adding this little bling is a jewel by itself. To sort all you cards and money, we designed a card organizer. Two organizers in fact. 1 side holds all your paper money and coupons and in the zippered pocket is place for all the coins. The other side (that snaps together with (KAM) snaps) you can store 10 (credit) cards.
  • Do you love cross body style bags? If you do, Trudy will be your all time favorite go to bag. Not only can you dress Trudy up for an evening out, you can also dress her down to wear with your Jeans and T Shirts. It's the perfect little cross body with 2 pockets for a quick walk out the door Your possibilities are limitless with this cross body bag. It's an easy sew and not much hardware is needed. Also perfectly suited for children. If you like Dr. Who then you will be happy to know that this bag is like the tardis. You won't believe what you can put in it, or what comes out of it ;-)
  • The Cottonwood Pouch is the perfect complimentary accessory to include with your Cottonwood Boho Bag. This Confident Beginner pattern features the recognizable front slip pockets, a full zippered top closure, 8 credit card slots, a hidden cash/receipt slip pocket as well as an interior zipper pocket. Whether used on its own or combined with the Cottonwood Boho Bag, this pouch is sure to become one of your favorites.
  • The Kaleidoscope Bag is going to quickly work her way into your heart and quite possibly become one of your favorite bag patterns! It is so versatile, each time you make her it will be different. Just like a Kaleidoscope, depending upon your pocket choices and, of course, fabric (be it quilted cotton, vinyl, cork or even leather for some detail areas), you’ll look at her differently every time you make her.
  • Makey

    Store your makeup brushes neatly and keep them looking new with this make up brush pouch. It's the ideal gift for every make up artist. You can store so much more than brushes with this roll. Use it for your mascara, lipstick, eyeliners, tubes of makeup. Use it for your sewing supplies or for your crayons, ... the list is endless for what you can store in this fold. This brush roll would make the perfect gift for any woman on your list. It would make the perfect bridesmaid gift.
  • Bitty


    This little bitty bag was inspired by my scrap basket.

    When you make bags, you always want to throw some extra with it to make it stand out from the crowd. So zipper bling is one of them. But what if you can make your own zipperbling?

    This key fob is a very quick sew en so an excellent stocking stuffer. Make one for every female friend and one for every bag you make in the same colours. It uses such a tiny amount of fabric that you will be able to use even the tiniest amount of scrap.

    This tutorial is a combination of things I have found on Pinterest. I then compiled them into a fun and easy pattern.

  • Carty

    This little card holder can be everything you want it to be. Best of all use it as a gift card holder to give something that your friends/family will continue to use for years to come. But hang it on a key chain, on a gym bag, on your library bag and put that card in that belongs to the content of that bag.
  • Chappy


    This is a quick item to make. You should be able to make it from scraps. You can customize the holder by using the same fabrics for the outer fabric and lining, or mix it up with various fabrics from your stash.