Belt tip purse lock


This is not only a lock, but add an embellishment to your bag. When the lock is closed, it looks like the top of a belt.
27mm (a little more than 1″) wide, 50mm (2″) from top to bottom

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This glue is highly recommended

Do you need a PH000 screwdriver for these screws

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Weight: 40g

IMPORTANT: The channel thickness (thickness of bag flap) is only 0.18″ (4,6 mm) so this bag lock is suitable for somewhat thicker flap closures with some interfacing/stabilizers.
The flap must be have a compressed thickness of 0.18″ (4,6 mm) to fit in the top part.

The top part of the lock slides over the flap and is attached with the screws. You can always add some glue. You do not need to cut a hole in your flap or bag.
Attach the bottom side (with prongs) on the bag front using the provided washer, and using the same technique as you would for any magnetic snap.


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