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#3 denim blue zipper tape with brass coil


#3 Denim blue Zipper by the yard with brass teeth.
You’ll receive brass zipper sliders.

You get 4 zipper pull with every yard

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Weight: 30g

The zipper tape width is 25mm (1 inch wide).

The #3 coil is suited for spots where smaller zipper coil is needed, like interior pockets, small zipper cases, wallets and other crafts.
The zippers are high quality and durable. The teeth are a metallic finish nylon #3 zipper  so they look like metal zipper
100% Nylon, soft and flexible yet strong and durable

You can match both your zipper opening on your bag and your inner pockets with our 2 sizes of the coil! These are continuous zipper coil, and you can put zipper pulls on from either direction to make double-pull zippers. Cut them as long or as short as needed.


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