Embelishment collection


You will get 7 tutorials with written instructions, lots of photos and full pattern pieces.  You’ll receive, as an exclusive for the bundle, the tutorial for Hanky, a smart little pattern for paper tissues.

All items can be made in less than an hour and require a minimum of hardware.
With this collection, you are set to tackle the Christmas sewing and the give a present to all children who attend the party.

Bitty (pdf)

This key fob is a very quick sew en so an excellent stocking stuffer. Make one for every female friend and one for every bag you make in the same colors. It uses such a tiny amount of fabric that you will be able to handle even a small amount of scrap.

Ruby (pdf)

Where do you keep your business cards? In a special holder? Or somewhere in your wallet or purse? If you want to give someone a gift card, do you buy a custom envelope in the store or do you hand over the gift card? With this Ruby, you are set for both. Make it in stylish dull color for men or use your pretty scraps if the little pouch will be for a woman or girl.

Carty (pdf)

This little cardholder can be everything you want it to be. Best of all use it as a gift card holder to give something that your friends/family will continue to use for years to come. But hang it on a key chain, on a gym bag, on your library bag and put that card in that belongs to the content of that bag.

Chaps (pdf)

For a lot of people, a chapstick is an essential possession (besides the money in the wallet) This little baggie can hold one chapstick. You can add it to a keyring with your keys or add a swivel clip in your bag and attach it there, so you don't have to look for it deep inside.

Chappy (pdf)

a basic holder for a chapstick

Gelly (pdf)

A coozy for your handgel

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