Everything for Ally

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Everything you need to make an Ally City Tote.

  • Woven interfacing,
  • Decovil LIght
  • Fusible fleece
  • Wondertape
  • Push together grommets
  • Hidden magnets

Plakdoek: fusible woven interfacing × 25

2,5 yard (2,5 meter) x 90cm

Decovil Light

10" x 35 ½" (25cm x 90cm)

1.55 1.50

Thermolam Plus TP971F × 5

The ideal high loft fleece for this project
½ yard x 45" (50cm x 114cm)

1.50 1.46 / pc.

In stock

Push grommets × 4

4 snap together grommets, in the finish of your choice.

Set of hidden magnets × 2

You need two hidden magnets for this project to close the essentials pocket.

3.00 2.91 / pc.

Extra thin double sided tape – optional

This transparent, non-wash-away double-sided adhesive tape is specially developed as a sewing aid and is used in the professional textile and leather industry and is a great time winner. Only 1/8" wide (2mm)

In stock

Universal Sewing Aid – optional

Universal laser-cut acrylic template. With this 1 tool you have

  • the ideal size for zipper pockets (In all my patterns I use this size)
  • seam allowance measuring tool (usable for everything but made for Roxy and Rozy)
  • seam allowance gauge to set the needle on your machine for the exact seam allowance so you do not need to gamble anymore.
  • placement tool for rivets on your straps. Your rivets are placed evenly after using this tool.

In stock

Bodkin (pack of 2) – optional

A bodkin is also called an elastic threader.

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