Everything for Ally


Everything you need to make an Ally City Tote.

  • Mediumlight fusible woven interfacing (Plakdoek): 200cm – 2 ¼”
  • Decovil Light: 30 x 90cm  (12″ x 35 ½”)
  • Fusible high loft fleece: 50cm (20″)
  • Four push together grommets
  • One handmade tag
  • Two sets hidden magnets

With the next items, your kit is complete

  • One zipper for the lining of the bag
  • One zipper for the exterior pocket
  • One handbag zipper
  • One metal zipper end
  • elastic for the interior pockets
  • Ultra thin double sided tape

1 piece (50cm – 20″) of our zipper by the yard + 1 matching zipper pull

A black zipper end for the black zippers and a matching zipper end for the other zippers.

What color zipper do we add ?

What color zipper do we add ?

You need this for the interior elastic pocket

Ultra-thin double-sided tape. ⅛” (3mm) wide, so ideal when making zipper pockets

This is the ideal glue to affix the metal frame and the fabric of your wallet

We made this acryl sewing aid to help in making all patterns from Serial Bagmakers.

Add a pink FriXion Ballpoint pen, a large magnet to keep your perfect seam allowances or sewing machine needles

To make your Ally City Tote packet complete, choose between the next items:

  • 1 #3 zipper 12″ (30cm) for the lining pocket
  • another #3 zipper 12″ (30cm) for the exterior pocket
  • 1 #5 zipper 20″ (50cm) for the main zipper
  • 1 metal zipper end
  • Elastic band for the gathered pocket on the inside of your bag
  • Gütermann Creative PH2 fabric glue
  • ultra-thin double-sided tape
  • Universal sewing aid (acryl template)

You add:

  • Exterior fabric: 1 yard/meter (54” wide)
  • Lining color 1: 1¼” yard/meter (44” wide)


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