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Zipper threading aid

With this tool, threading pull onto your zipper by the yard is child’s play!

Only 12 left in stock (can be backordered)

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How it works:
Slide the EZ zip over the edge of a tabletop and insert the zipper slider into the slot on the top. Thread the two halves of the zipper into the slider at the same time, forming an approximately 90 ° angle. The ‘top’ of the slider points towards the table and the straight side of the slider is towards the back. With the help of this 3rd hand, you can use your two hands to pull on the zipper tape evenly. Finished!

Thanks to the special placing mechanism (without clamp!), the EZ zip is simply pushed over the tabletop. Any thickness between 1 and 4cm (⅜”- 1½”)  will work.
Since it is not mounted with a clamp, there is no damage to the table.

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  1. amkistner (verified owner)

    Easiest thing I’ve ever tried. Love it!

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