Rivet setter pliers

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The Vario pliers and 2 of the dies together form the best hand rivet setting tool I have come across.  No table mounted press or hammer needed.

The rivets in the package are usable as well.

Prym Love Vario Pliers

  • Versatile pliers for non-sew products like press fasteners, eyelets, jeans buttons and rivets.
  • Includes ʹColor Snapsʹ tools set
  • With piercing tools for diameters of 3 and 4 mm

Only 2 left in stock !

Prym decorative rivets × 2

One of the dies of this item work together with the Prym love vario pliers; 2 of them will turn your pliers in the perfect rivet setting tool.

You can use the decorative rivets for your project as well!

8.99 / pc.

Only 4 left in stock !

Double cap rivets

Select your prefered finish and You'll get these for free.


Demystifying Rivets – optional

  • Starter set with rivets.
  • Video-course
  • E-book

Access to the e-book and video immediately after purchase. The starter-pack you will get through the mail.

Starter set Rivets – optional

In this starter set we collected 7 different sizes of rivets. the ideal starter set for when you start using rivets.

In the video course, I'll guide you through using rivets. Together with the 14 video's I'll teach you everything there is to know about them and you will be using rivets as if you never did anything else. Without a press you can set rivets without any problem. I'll show you two ways that are not using a hammer.

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