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Sample pack rainbowzippers

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Sample pack of the month!

In this sample pack you get five black and five off-white zippers with colored coil and 10 rainbow zipper pull. Each piece will be 20″ long.
You also will receive 1 rainbow reversed zipper with a black pull.

What style zipper pull would you like? We usually add a mix of all styles available.

These metal zipper ends work perfect for our zippers

Add 5 metal rainbow zipper ends to your samplepack

Add 5 metal black zipper ends to your samplepack

This glue is highly recommended

Do you need a PH000 screwdriver for these screws

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Weight: 160g

The zippers in this sample pack are 1¼” wide.

  • Metallic Finish Nylon #5 Zipper (looks like metal zipper)
  • 100% Nylon
  • Extra-wide #5 nylon-coil zipper tape for easy insertion
  • Use it with one or two pulls (the zipper is two ways)
  • Soft and flexible yet strong and durable
  • Perfect for purses, bags, totes, carriers, and more

Additional zipper pulls are also available.


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