Sandwich fix


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This new product is an ideal combination of Decovil and Fleece. Meet your new favorite stabilizer!

It’s a fusible stabilizer composed between a woven fusible very stable material and a layer of fleece.
Ideal when Decovil is too stiff (since you need to birth the bag), fast2fuse is giving you too many wrinkles and Decovil light is not stable enough.
Ideal to turn your Quilting Cotton into the ideal bag making fabric.

In stock

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The width of a bolt is 150cm (59″).
To make it possible for you to try this product first, we sell it by the fat quarter

If you order 1 item, then you will get 75cm x 50cm (29″ x 19″)
If you order 2, then you’ll get the complete width of the bolt (150cm) and half a meter in length (59″ x 19″)
As of 3 we just take the complete width of the bolt and count it as 3/4 yard. You will get 150 x 75cm (59″ x 29″)

This is a high volume item. We’ll ship this as a tracked package with the normal post system.


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