Side clips (1 pair)


With these side clips you can easily add a shoulderstrap or purse chain to your wallets and clutches. Ideal for the Roxy Wallet.
These clips are sturdy and easy to install.

Sold as a pair (one left and one right side piece, a total of two clips).

Buy 10 (any finish) get 10% discount
Buy 20 (any finish) get 13% discount

INSTALLATION: Easy to install. Use a regular small cross screw driver.
Slide over the edge of your wallet or clutch. If the fabric is too thick, press it down with pliers or compress down with a rubber mallet.
Always start the holes with an awl and only then screw in screws.
You can use a thread locking liquid or glue to secure the screws, and some glue to adhere the metal pieces.


  • Width at widest: 1/2″ or 12 mm
  • Total Length including ring:  1 3/4″ or 44 mm
  • Channel gap (width of opening): 3/16″ or 4 mm
  • The fabric must be able to compress to 3/16″ (4 mm) for the clip to slide on.


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