Stabilizer – bundle 1

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Decovil Light (45) × 20

You'll receive 2 meter (2.19 yard) of this 45cm wide roll (17,72")

Decovil Heavy (45) × 20

You'll receive 2 meter (2.19 yard) of this 45cm wide roll (17,72")

Sandwich fix × 2

You will receive a piece that measures 50cm by 150cm (16,7 x 59")

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Rosetex × 2

You'll receive 1 meter (39") of this 90cm wide roll (35,43")

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Decovil Heavy (45cm x 2m) (17.5″ x 2.19 yard)
Decovil I is a special kind of non-woven interfacing with a leather-like handle and perfect when you make bags and wallets

Decovil Light (45cm x 2m) (17.5″ x 2.19 yard)
Decovil I Light is the lighter and softer alternative to Decovil I. Nevertheless, it has the same varied properties: Tear-resistant, but also dimensionally stable and easy to shape. Furthermore, it is resilient, resistant.

Sandwich fix (50cm x 150cm) (16″ x 59″)
Sandwich Fix is a fusible stabilizer composed between a woven fusible very stable material and a layer of fleece.
Ideal when Decovil is too stiff (since you need to birth the bag), fast2fuse is giving you too many wrinkles and Decovil light is not stable enough.
Ideal to turn your Quilting Cotton into the ideal bag making fabric.

Rosetex (90cm x 1m) (35″ x 39″)
Rosetex is a densely woven stiff interfacing. Ideal when Decovil LIght is not needed and you do need some stiffness in your card slots.


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