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4m Decovil (2m Light + 2m Heavy)

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Decovil Light × 20

2m x 90cm Decovil Light (2.19 yard x 35")

Decovil Heavy × 20

2m x 90cm Decovil Heavy (2.19 yard x 35″)

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Decovil Heavy (90cm x 2m) (35.4″ x 2.19 yard)
Decovil I is a special kind of non-woven interfacing with a leather-like handle and perfect when you make bags and wallets

Decovil Light (90cm x 2m) (35.4″ x 2.19 yard)
Decovil I Light is the lighter and softer alternative to Decovil I. Nevertheless, it has the same varied properties: Tear-resistant, but also dimensionally stable and easy to shape. Furthermore, it is resilient, resistant.


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