Tailors clapper


This traditional pressing aid helps to flat fabric without burning or scorching.
On the sides are grooves for easy gripping.
Use a lot of steam to heat and moister your fabric. If you can not iron your fabric, place your iron at a close distance and just use the steam. The moment you remove the iron, place the clapper down on the steamed spot. Use a little pressure and – after 5 seconds – remove the clapper and continue with the rest of your seams.
The result is a flat crisp area with no shine.

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A tailor’s clapper is a wooden tool that helps you get amazingly crisp, flat pressed seams and creases.  To use it, you first press your seam with a hot iron and lots of steam.  Immediately after lifting the iron, you place the clapper over the seam and hold it down until the fabric cools.  This traps the heat and steam in the fabric, making the seam as flat as possible.

Measures 24cm x 6cm x 5cm


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