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Wallet frame 19cm (7½”)


These wallet frames are the bars that sit on the top edges of wallets and purses. You put the frame on one side and the front (with hole) on the other and pull them together to close your wallet uptight. The flip part clicks in place nicely for security. They are prepackaged and come with enough screws.
The frames are closed on the sides, so the edge of your purse or wallet is completely enclosed in the metal.

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You need these frames to finish a Roxy or Rozy wallet and for the Clip2Close clutch and Lisa Handbag.

The frame is 19cm long, 1 cm wide and 1 cm high.
Glue the frame with some Gutermann HT2 fabricglue and use the 8 little screws that come with these frames.
Use a screwdriver PH000.

We sell the frames in different colors and different sizes.


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