One of the particular requirements of the Rozy or Roxy wallet is the closure. You will need a special clasp that is 7 1/2″ (19cm) wide. The screwdriver and the hollow cutter will make life a lot easier when making these wallets in production style. I collected some stores that sell these tools and this hardware.

Where can you source the small clasps for the mini Rozy and Roxy?

The 7 1/2″ clasp are more common

Precision Screwdriver

To install the closure bar on Rozy or Roxy, you need a precision Screwdriver PH000.  You can find them everywhere.

Hollow cutter

When making more then one Rozy or Roxy wallet, you’ll want to make the task more easy. To cut the hole for the clasp, it will help if you can use a hollow cutter. Just place the metal piece on top of your fabric and hammer it down with a metal hammer. Make sure you have a cutting plate under the fabric and that you are hammering on stone (a table will resonance too much).

End pieces for Roxy

To turn your Roxy into a clutch, you can use the end pieces.