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Big U connector 32mm (1 1/4″) | pack of 2


With these luxurious strap connectors you have 2 functions in one. Since these also finish your strap there is no need for separate strap ends.
The big bar in the center attaches your strap to the connector. The connector itself is attached to your outer material with 3 screws an a full size washer.

Sold in a pack of two.

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Weight: 40g

The wonderful quality of this piece of hardware is that it has two functions.
It acts as a strap end and so it covers the raw edges from your strap. The big rivet bar in the centre will hold your strap and the strap end together.
Once that part is done, you can screw the metal anchor (with strap attached) to your bag, using the template on the next page, a punch, some glue and a screwdriver.
Installation instructions