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Flat rectangular ring | pack of 4


These high-quality heavyweight metal flat rectangle rings make gorgeous strap attachments!

Available in packs of 4

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These flat rectangle rings are just simply beautiful.  They have a very modern yet industrial look with the tick sidebars.

These heavy-duty rectangle rings are manufactured in a cast mould meaning they are not welded and are poured to preserve tensile strength without any breaks in the metal.


Ring Post Thicknesses: 2,6mm (3/16″)
Inner Dimensions (WxH):

  • 19mm x 17mm (¾” x ~¾”)
  • 25mm x 17mm (1″ x ~¾”)
  • 32mm x 17mm (1 ¼” x ~¾”)
  • 38mm x 17mm (1 ½” x ~¾”)