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Vlieseline Style-vil fix (fusible foam)


Style-vil fix is a fusible volume lining, with a foam-structure, specially developed for bags that need to keep their shape while remaining flexible. A perfect substitute for byAnnie’s Soft & Stable.

The roll is 90cm wide (35½”).

Sold per ½ meter (½ meter = a little over half a yard)

Temporarily sold out

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Discover the creative possibilities with Vlieseline Style Vil – FIX! This special variety of the well-known Style Vil has a special coating on one side which makes it possible to iron-on the fabric to your project of choice to give it extra stability. Just what you need to make bags that stand up by themselves. This foam provides fantastic structure and protection for your projects since the foam is flexible, your project will have a nice tactile feel. It can be used in place of or in addition to other stabilizers. Style-Vil is great for 3-dimensional projects since it adds shape and body. It is compatible with a wide variety of fabrics. Please note that sometimes this product will arrive folded – depending on the volume you buy. When you are ready to use it, the creases will iron out just fine!

Good to know:
* it’s easy to cut and sew (cut back seam allowance after sewing to keep edges thin)
* when quilting with it, you’ll have fantastic stitch definition
* Great for protective case projects such as laptop, eyeglass, mobile as well as giving lasting body, structure and stability especially for purses and bags!
* High abrasion resistance
* Superior quality that creases iron out easily
* Machine washable at low temperature.