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Zipper by the yard


With zippers by the yard, you get the most universally applicable zipper for all your bag projects.
Sewing nylon coil zipper is very easy (in fact, you can just sew over them, the teeth may look metal but are nylon)

You buy only the zippertape, not the zipper pull.
Pulls can be found here:

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Weight: 30g

Special features:

  • Length: For sale per meter (39″) If you choose 3, you will get 3m. Of course, the zipper is – when possible – always cut into 1 piece.
  • If you place two sliders in opposite directions on the zipper tape then it can also be used as an o-type zipper
  • Premium quality, our own brand.

Please note that this zipper tape is supplied without sliders! Combine with one or more sliders from our range or use the sliders you already bought!
As a rule of thumb, we advise 3 sliders per meter for #5 zippers and 4 sliders per meter for #3 zippers.