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Latest pattern: Ally

Ally is a city/commuter tote with ample room for everything you need during your day in the city.
With all the pockets on the inside and outside, she can double as a nappy bag.
And learn how to make a new style of pocket that will fit all your essentials!

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Your patterns are excellently written and presented. Your videos generously demonstrate every detail. I am thoroughly impressed with your work and your creativity! So glad I found your site, I recommend your website to everyone I know!
Thanks for being you.

Christine Cook

Hi Anne, just wanted to say how much I enjoyed your video. You have a marvellous way of teaching! You are so relaxing to listen to.

Anita 0'Neil

I have just watched your Roxy video, and am really impressed with the way you make it so simple to understand and follow, and your voice is so easy to listen to.

Mandy Flaws

The Roxy and the Rozy are just the best wallet patterns – with FABULOUS instructions

Trish Vine

You really do have great instructions. Love your patterns


Anne is a great designer/instructor and is always available for assistance in making her patterns. The videos are packed with tips and recommendations that any sewer can find helpful.


Absolutely the BEST bag sewing tutor I have found.


It was Anne who posted the awesome hack that saved my insanity.


What a truly brilliant tutorial! If only all patterns came with one of these. Thank you so much!


Excellent video! Easy to follow and no steps were skipped! You rock!


I really love this channel and your thorough tutorials 🙂


The best tutorial I have seen for detail. I like the multitude of colors tied to the type of pocket that they represent so you can see what you are doing as you go!!! Well planned and presented!!!


WOW your method of teaching is by far the best for the way you explain every step in understandable easy to follow instruction. And the construction of your bags is so professional. Thank you for taking the time to make the video for us all to see. I am looking forward to seeing more of your work


Oh my! I just found this video by chance! I really enjoyed it! I LOVED when you said “I hope you all took biology and I don’t have to explain why this snap is male and this is female”! I couldn’t stop laughing! You said it in such a professional voice. Well done!!! Great tutorial!!!

Sha Laine

Thank you so much for your terrific video and your great tips. You’re an excellent tutor.


Your instructions are so much better than other peoples.


Amazingly written pattern and video support!


Beautiful bag. This is such great value! I love Anne’s videos, they are so clear and instructive, they really help you get to grips with every stage of her patterns. Sold!


Oh my goodness Anne, you are no good for my housework! I am so addicted to your marvelous teachings and patterns that I just keep watching and don’t get anything done LOL. Thank you so much.


I just bought the pattern after watching the excellent video. My compliments to Anne for such a great presentation. She is so easy to listen to and there’s no extraneous chatter at all. Now I just have to find the hardware!


Anne, after watching you teach, I think I need to take sewing lessons, all over again. I love your techniques. You are a natural born teacher, too!


Serial Bagmakers have the best instructions ever!


Amazing patterns with a wonderfully friendly owner/designer who is always right there if you need any sort of help or assistance. Patterns are easy to follow, but for anyone needing a little help her tutorial videos are extremely well done (especially considering English is not her first language).


Oh my goodness so excited my packaged arrived today from Serial bagmakers. 48 hrs from her door in Belgium to mine in New Berlin Wi. I can’t find the Decovil anywhere around here nor the 3/4” hardware or side clips. I can’t wait to use the zippers. Anne’s customer service is unbeatable! Thanks Anne!